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COM.EC. Consulting-E. VASSILOPOULOU consulting company was founded in 1980 as a private enterprise of Mr. EFSTRATIOU VASSILOPOULO. It was later transferred to his spouse, EYAGGELIA VASSILOUPOULOU, with Mr. Efstario Vassilopoulo engagement in the Ioanian Bank. The firm covered all family activities of the couple. In 2005 all business activities of the firm were transferred to the private enterprise of their son, Mr. THEODOROS EFSTARTIOU VASSILOPOULOS. He has participated in the business ever since he graduated from high-school, while completing his undergraduate studies in Economics and acquiring his MBA degree with a double concentration in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

The operating team of COM.EC Consulting, in cooperation with an established network of external associates of specialized competencies and experience, fulfil every requirement of continued outstanding business performance.

COM.EC. focuses its efforts on the development of high quality advisory products and services in Greece, the Balkans and Europe to sufficiently meet client needs...

In its 20 years of operation with the tired-less effort of Evangelia and Efstratios Vassilopoulos, along with the contribution of appreciable external associates, it focused its activity on the following basic sectors:

  • The Development, with almost absolute success, of a rather large number of business plans in:
  • The subordination of investment programs:
      • In existing National Developmental Laws N. 1262/82, 1892/90, 2234/94, 2601/98 etc
      • In existing European Programs, such as M.O.P., CSF, Regulations of EU 355,.866,.1257, P.E.P. DECLINING, E.P.AN., INTERREG, PHARE, LEADER etc
  • Specialised Business plans of feasibility on the Awarding of vacations:
      • Banking institutions (from the Bank of Greece)
      • Currency Exchange firms (Bank of Greece)
      • Radio-television Stations (National Radio-television Council)
  • The Viability of Enterprises aiming at:
      • Going public in Athens Stock Exchange (ASE).
      • The Financing of enterprises from the Credit Institutions (Banks etc).
      • Repurchases- transformations etc
      • Studies of Research of Market etc.

In Taxational and Computer Services in various enterprises in Northern Greece.

An important milestone in the activities of the Office was its success with the award of Evaluator Associate for Businesses, presented by the Ministry of Growth in January 1997 for the investments taking place under the ministry�s jurisdiction.

The above Business plans primarily pertain to the following sectors:

  • Business plans on Investments in the primary sector which concerned the Foundation, Extension and Modernisation of companies:
      • Veterinary surgeon units
      • Breeding-birds units
      • Fruits Processing Industry
      • Industries of Agricultural Products
      • Slaughterhouses
      • Quarries
  • Business plans on Investments in the Secondary sector which concern the Foundation, extension, modernisation, viability and enlisting on the stock exchange:
      • Textile
      • Clothing
      • Treatment of timber
      • Treatment of metals
      • Industrial products
      • Building products
      • High Technology
      • Printed materials
      • Packaging materials
      • Household and consumer products
      • Food and beverages

Business plans on Investments in the Service Sector (Trade and Services) which concern the Foundation, extension, modernisation, enlisting on the stock exchange:

  • Financial/Credit Institutions (Banks, Currency Exchange companies, Operating Leasing, etc.
  • Hotel Industry
  • Radio-television Enterprises
  • Catering companies
  • LOGISTICS companies
  • Franchise companies
  • Despite being a privately owned individual company, the vast range and success of products and services provided by COM.EC, as outlined above, would be the envy of even the largest business consultancy nationwide.

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